Premium sports equipment, directly from the manufacturer, at an affordable price.
We will design a fashion hall, carry out production according to individual sizes, delivery and installation.
We offer reasonable prices and friendly service for the regular customers.
The company employs a separate specialist to work with government customers.
Coatings and equipment for medical and children's institutions that meet the necessary requirements.

Experts on sports surfaces and equipment are working for you

  • Tatiana Bondar
    Expert on sports surfaces and equipment

    "Accepting the orders, issuing invoices and contracts"
      +7 (495) 204-14-59 add. 103
  • Julia Koroleva
    Expert on sports surfaces and equipment

    "Accepting the orders, issuing invoices and contracts"
      +7 (495) 204-14-59 add. 102
  • Irina Pushkareva
    Expert on sports surfaces and equipment

    "Acceptance of orders, registration of invoices and contracts"
      +7 (495) 204-14-59
  • Tatiana Vodolazkina
    Order support and logistics, operational accounting

    "Order support during production and delivery"
      +7 (351) 220-51-28
  • Olga Gorbunova
    Specialist in tenders and auctions
    Candidate for master of sports in gymnastics
    "Public procurement.
    Tenders and auctions."
      +7 (351) 220-51-28
  • Roman Kozlov
    Honored Coach of Russia
    Master of Sports in Judo and Sambo
  • Evgeny Kilyanov
    Master of sports in judo
  • Pavel Parygin
    Product director
    Master of sports in judo
    "I will help you choose the coverage.
    Individual conditions.
    Questions about the partnership."
      +7 (495) 204-14-59
  • Sergey Chernov
    Chief of workshop
  • Andrey Stashkov
    Production and installation
  • Vladimir Kharitonov
  • Konstantin Marikovsky
  • Danila Metlin
  • Dmitry Popov
  • Akhtyam Khabibulin
  • Vasily Guskov
    Master of Sports in Powerlifting
  • Vadim Lukmanov
    Sport equipment designer

    "I will make a 3D design of the equipment and the hall, taking into account the corporate colors and logo"
  • Svetlana Dyubina

    "Report documents"
      +7 (351) 220-51-28
  • Ильдар Загитов
    Chief of installation service

About us

Hello dear friends!

I am glad to welcome you on the official website of BORKOVER and thank you for your attention to our company.

I have chosen people with personal sports experience for our team - managers, office employees, shop managers, and even some ordinary employees - who have sports awards and titles.

Therefore, we feel our customers well and understand how important it is to train on a professional sports surface. In Russia, there is a great lack of high-quality sports carpets, and foreign analogues are very expensive.

We visited enterprises in Europe, the United States and China, brought technologies and samples, purchased modern Swiss equipment, developed our own technologies and set up production of sports coatings, the quality and performance characteristics of which, in many respects, are superior to world brands.

Every coating produced at our company is made on the principle of "we produce It for ourselves!". The products are made of high-quality materials, employees of production workshops undergo long-term training, and the produced coatings are checked.

High quality and good reviews of our products are also due to the fact that we produce only eight types of coatings - this allows us not to spray limited resources and focus on quality, speed and high level of service.

The company - over the years, has gained a lot of experience in logistics, we have solid discounts in the largest transport companies, our experts will help you to deliver coverage at the lowest cost and in the shortest possible time.

Roman Kozlov
Borkover founder
master of sports of the USSR in judo and sambo
honored coach of Russia
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