For the state customers

For ordering and further shipment, send to the following data,

for individuals
- your first and last name
- passport series and number, when and by whom issued
- cell phone
- city and delivery address
- delivery method: to the terminal or to the address, preferred transport company
(!) If another person will receive the order, then you also need their data: full name, passport series and number, and cell phone number.

for the companies
- company details
- the responsible person's cell phone number
- city and delivery address
- delivery method: to the terminal or to the address, preferred transport company
(!) If another employee will receive the order, then you need their cell phone number. A permission of attorney is required to receive the order.

Dear state customers!

Especially for you, our company employs a specialist who will help to carry out public procurement.

Cost calculation
Based on your application sent by email, we will calculate the cost of sports coverage required by your institution. We will help you prepare the technical part of the tender documentation.

Auction or request for quotations
We are accredited at all popular sites where purchases are made under 44-FZ (by the Russian Law).
Sberbank-AST, Rosseler, RTS-the tender, the supplier Portal of Moscow etc.

Municipal contract
If you are able to make a direct purchase under a municipal contract with a 30% prepayment and 70% payment after receiving coverage, please send us an email marked "public procurement 30/70".

As a rule, government customers are asked to include the cost of delivering coverage to the organization's address-in the cost of the coverage itself. We will help you calculate the most convenient, safe and fast delivery method. We work with major transport companies: PEC, KIT, Business Lines, Baikal-Service, as well as with small transport companies. We deliver to Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Exchange of original documents
Often, before the start of production and payment, you need to exchange the original contract, invoice, and invoices. We can exchange the documents by the Post of Russia (administration of the first class) or courier service.

Letters of recommendation

  • Testimonial of the director of Pavlo-Slobodsky SDK about tatami with PVC fabric smooth ADEGMA
  • Director of the sports club of the Synergy University about the covering for martial arts ADEGMA
  • The trainer of UIA DO "DUSHST NADEZHDA" uses ADEGMA mats for cheerleading training.