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Образец ролл-мата
Wholesale price list for roll-mats PROFI, price per m2
Price for roll mats with rice straws or artificial leather Price for roll mats with gymnastic pile
Mat thickness STRAW / LEATHER / PILE STANDARDwithout Velcro / with Velcro GYMNASTIC VORS PREMIUMwithout Velcro / with Velcro
10 mm 1 200 1 100 rub. (without velcro) 1 300 1 300 rub. (without velcro)
20 mm 1 350 1 250 rub. / 1 550 1 450 rub. 1 450 1 350 rub. / 1 650 1 550 rub.
30 mm 1 550 1 450 rub. / 1 650 1 550 rub. 1 700 1 600 rub. / 1 900 1 800 rub.
40 mm 1 700 1 600 rub. / 1 900 1 800 rub. 1 800 1 700 rub. / 2 000 1 900 rub.
50 mm 1 950 1 850 rub. / 2 150 2 050 rub. 2 050 1 950 rub. / 2 250 2 150 rub.
Bargain for roll-mats with the PROFI base
Discount 100 rub./m2. (previous prices are underlined in the price list, placed above)
- carpet 10х10м - you save 10 000 rub.
- carpet 12х12м - you save 14 400 rub.
- carpet 14х14м - you save 19 600 rub.

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Wholesale price list for START roll mats, price per m2
Thickness Without attachment С креплением
Cheap roll mats buy
The main difference between START roll mats is the filling, coarse-porous PPE. Roll mats are softer, which is sometimes good, but the service life is significantly lower. Watch the video comparison.
30 mm 1 350 rub. 1 600 rub.
40 mm 1 550 rub. 1 700 rub.
50 mm 1 750 rub. 1 950 rub.
Roll mats for home (completed rolls 1.5x2m without Velcro) In stock
Thickness Rice straw covering Gymnastic pile covering
40 mm 5 900 руб.in stock 6 200 руб.in stock

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  • Coach of the highest category, master of sports - Skargin M. N.
  • Interview with Pavel Parygin, BORKOVER Product Director, - at the opening of the ACROSS club, Moscow
  • Feedback from MSMK, Semyon Udelov, about BORKOVER roll-mats for his project "Club of Complex Physical Development"
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