ADEGMA® manufactures several series of protection for walls, columns and steel structures. All series of wall protectors protect a person from injury - equally well. The main points for selection are appearance, price, height, and type of wall.

Our products are certified by (ГОСТ Р) the Russian Standarts of Quality (look at the Certificate)
The quality management system
The International association of the sport goods manufactures
Made in Russia with love to the sport

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  • Olga Gorbunova
    Olga Gorbunova
    Specialist in tenders and auctions
  • Pavel Parygin
    Pavel Parygin
    Product director
  • Sergey Chernov
    Sergey Chernov
    Chief of workshop
  • Akhtyam Khabibulin
    Akhtyam Khabibulin
  • Svetlana Dyubina
    Svetlana Dyubina

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