We are grateful for the response to the claim sent from our organization to BORKOVER regarding the quality of the Boxing carpet. On the territory of the Korkino sports and recreation complex, which is represented by the Korkino Boxing Federation, there are many types of martial arts sections, and in the future we plan to continue to cooperate with your company. Thank you for the bonus from your company (gym Mat).
Boxing ring review
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The Boxing Federation, Korkino City
President R. V. Gorokhov
For our Johnny D club, located at 2 Admiral Canal embankment, new Holland building, 3rd floor, Saint Petersburg, the ring was manufactured by BORKOVER. Thank you for the quality, efficiency and that you listened to our "wishlist".
Посмотрите видео-отзыв Pavel Stepashin-head coach and one of the founders of the Johnny D club about the BORKOVER ring
Feedback about project Johnny D, Saint Petersburg
Johnny D
It was important for me to order from a manufacturer who can offer a comprehensive and short-term service. All equipment is easy to install as a LEGO constructor - according to the instructions.
Feedback about the BORKOVER company
Feedback about project RECORD, Yekaterinburg City
RECORD, Yekaterinburg City
Anastasia Predeina - founder
I would like to thank BORKOVER for manufacturing and organizing the delivery of sports coverings for the KIT fitness center. Coverings for the wrestling hall, Boxing ring, MMA cage, protective protectors, modular floor in the gym – good quality. Thank you for your responsiveness and professionalism, it is a pleasure to work with you.
Feedback on sports surfaces BORKOVER
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KIT-fitness, Kislovodsk City
D. E. Eldarova-General Director