"Better price" program

We will make a better price!

It's simple.
No difficulties and extra work.

What should I do to reduce the price?
Get a signed and stamped invoice from the company where the lowest price is available. Then forward the invoice to BORKOVER ® to info@borkover.ru. To get the lowest possible price, add the signed contract to the invoice.

(in any case, you do this simply because, in the company where the lowest price is, you are planning a purchase and you will need an invoice and contract to place an order)

Contents of the invoice and agreement
The account must be on a comparable product, you have to spelled out the basic parameters that affect cost. Unfortunately, not everyone on the market is conscientious, we will check the parameters and help you see the pitfalls. If the parameters are equal, we will reduce the price significantly.

(it's the same here, you need to make sure that the contract and invoice contain important parameters, and your potential purchase is protected)