For private customers

For ordering and further shipment, send to the following data,

for individuals
- your first and last name
- passport series and number, when and by whom issued
- cell phone
- city and delivery address
- delivery method: to the terminal or to the address, preferred transport company
(!) If another person will receive the order, then you also need their data: full name, passport series and number, and cell phone number.

for the companies
- company details
- the responsible person's cell phone number
- city and delivery address
- delivery method: to the terminal or to the address, preferred transport company
(!) If another employee will receive the order, then you need their cell phone number. A permission of attorney is required to receive the order.

Dear customers!

It's great that you found us! You have the opportunity to order sports coverage directly on the BORKOVER manufacture.

Production dates
The standard production period is from 7 to 14 calendar days. The specific terms for each sports surface are different, and the production time also depends on the individual parameters of the order.

Coatings available
A small number of Budo mats with a thickness of 2cm, 2.5 cm, 4cm and roll-mats for the house of 1, 5x2m with NAP and straw 4cm thick are always available. Other sports coatings have a large number of modifications in color, thickness, density and size - they can not be kept in stock, because each practical order is unique.

Urgent order
All standard materials for production are in stock, which allows you to quickly complete an urgent order. As a rule, everyone wants to hurry, but you must have a good reason, such as a competition or the opening date of the club, which can not be moved. Also, for urgency , you will need to pay extra. We consider each application individually. We deliver urgent orders by air or by a small transport company.

Order payment
We work on 100% prepayment with both legal entities and individuals. You can also pay 50% before production and 50% before shipment to the transport company. The payment method is a wire transfer to the company's Bank account. We send you scans of the agreement and invoice by email. You pay via Internet banking, or at any Bank branch, with the help of a cashier-operator. If necessary, we send the original invoice and contract by courier before paying.

Delivery in Russia and CIS
We deliver our coatings in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and the CIS countries. Each sports surface has different delivery terms. For example, roll-mats, Budo-mats, wrestling mats-there is a free delivery program to Moscow. We cooperate with major transport companies: PEC, KIT, Business Lines, Baikal-Service, as well as with small transport companies. For urgent orders-air transportation. Together with you, we will choose the most inexpensive, reliable and fast delivery method.

Letters of recommendation

  • Senior coach of the Ulyanovsk region in aikido on tatami ADEGMA
  • Master of Sports in Greco-Roman Wrestling about ADEGMA wrestling carpet
  • Honored Coach of Russia - Rauf Valeev about tatami ADEGMA