On-the-floor ring on the stretches

A ring on stretches is a classic and the most inexpensive version of the ring.
For a ring with a combat zone of 4x4m, you will need a space of 8x8 m, for stretching the stretch marks.

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On-the-floor ring on the stops

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Ring on stops - a compact and inexpensive version of the ring.
For mounting a ring with the size of the combat zone, for example, 4x4m, a 6x6 m square is required.

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On-the-floor ring in a frame

The ring in the frame is a mobile version of the ring, which does not need to be screwed to the floor.
Quick and easy to assemble. For a ring with the size of a 4x4m combat zone a 6x6m space is required.

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Ring on the platform

Ring on the platform according to the the AIBA standard. The height of the platform can be 0.3 m, 0.5 m, 1 m.
Ring on the platform BORKOVER can be assembled by 2 people in 4 hours, no special tools and experience are required.
Individual design, logos and advertising can be applied.

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