Thank you to BORKOVER & ADEGMA for professional work in the construction of our club, accepting our wishes and making the equipment in the promised time. The martial arts zone and the MMA cage have become Central image objects according to our size and corporate style.
Feedback of tatami for hand-to-hand combat
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Feedback about project FightFit, Vologda City
FightFit, Vologda City
Korsakov A. N.

The purchase took place under 44-FZ through the public procurement portal, when we got tatami and wall protectors, we were satisfied with the quality, because not always when purchasing sports equipment, through public procurement, comes equipment that meets the original requirements described in the technical documentation.

Watch the video feedback Ivan Nikolaevich Yegor-Director of the Pavlo-Slobodsky SDK
Feedback about project SDK, Pavlovskaya Sloboda
Pavlo-Sloboda sports and leisure center
Yegor I. N.-Director
Previously, we had a dovetail tatami, now we have a classic tatami. The filling was chosen by FPE, because our room is a basement, flooding is possible, and PPE is not afraid of moisture. It turned out beautifully.

Feedback of tatami BORKOVER
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Watch the video feedback Kirill Ivanov - the head coach of the Ulyanovsk region
Ulyanovsk regional Federation of Aikido
Kirill Ivanov-head coach
Ordered tatami PVV 4 cm thick, density 160 kg / m3, color red, coating rice straw. Tatami of good quality, made without delay.
Feedback of tatami SFR BORKOVER
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ALEX FITNESS, Saint Petersburg
Valeria Krasheninnikova
The company "Borkover" produced for us a set of two tatami mats and safety mats. Tatami fully meets the requirements for conducting competitions and organizing the training process.

Feedback about tatami BORKOVER
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Посмотрите видео-отзыв Rauf Valeev-honored coach of Russia
Municipal school of additional sports education № 8, Magnitogorsk City
Figlovskiy A.V. - Director
The headquarters of Kaspersky Lab JSC has two sports halls: a gym and an atmospheric one. In the atmospheric gym lie tatami "BORKOVER".
The tatami is of excellent quality, and our employees train comfortably on it.
We are very glad that there is a high-quality tatami manufacturer in Russia.
Посмотрите видео-отзыв Pavel Parygin talks about the installation of tatami
"Kaspersky LAB" joint-stock company
Borschev D. S. - chief financial officer
In January 2016, BORKOVER ordered a tatami of 2x1 size, 4 cm thickness, PPE base (polyurethane foam), 48 sheets (96 m2). All deadlines are met. We are completely satisfied with the quality of the tatami.
Feedback of tatami FPE BORKOVER
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Three oceans, Kursk City
Oleg Ivanovich Pavlov-General Director