The Association of legal entities in the form of the Association "international Federation of Qazaq kuresi" expresses its sincere gratitude for the production and timely delivery of roll mats 12x12m, in the amount of 3 sets for the Qazaq kuresi world Championship in Aktobe on December 15-16, 2019.

We wish you prosperity and hope for further cooperation.
Feedback on roll-mats ADEGMA
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Qazaq quresi international Federation
Executive Director E. K. Myrzabayev
In our network of children's sports clubs "Academy of gymnastics", We use BORKOVER roll mats.
Letter from the "Academy of Gymnastics"
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Gymnastics Academy, Yekaterinburg City
A. I. Ryazankin-Chairman of the Sverdlovsk regional public organization " Academy of gymnastics"
I express my gratitude for the production and timely delivery of roll mats for cheerleading 14x14 m, Budo mats dovetail 12x12 m, - for the "international cultural and health festival" Bright!May!Yours!"
Letter from the organizer of the festival
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Bright! May! Yours!
A.V. Kravchenko-President of the Southern Russian cheerleading Federation
A fitness club and a tennis school "ТENNIS FITNESS CLUB" expresses its gratitude to Borrower. We are happy not only with the sports surface, but also with the cooperation process itself – thank you for hearing all our wishes. You are a cool team of professionals, it is a pleasure to work with you!
Review of roll-mats for rhythmic gymnastics BORKOVER
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Feedback about project TENNIS.RU, Moscow City
A. I. Kozhevnikov
Yesterday we got sports coverage for cheerleading. Athletes and coach Yulia Ukhanova are very happy. Now the team has the opportunity to train on a great surface. The quality of the coating is very good, the delivery came before the appointed time, we are very happy. Thank you very much!!! We hope for further cooperation. The Panthers Cheerleading Team"

Review of BORKOVER cheerleading cover from Moscow Panther team
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The Panthers, Moscow
Kolba Ekaterina Petrovna
Now we have the opportunity to train on the new wrestling Mat! Its dimensions are 8 x 15 meters (120 m2). The layout is specially designed to maximize the use of available space: two yellow square work zones are bounded by a red security zone around the perimeter. The thickness of the carpet is 4 cm, the coating is a non-slip judo fabric with the texture of "rice straw".
Roll-mats in Novosibirsk
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SAMBO Springs, Novosibirsk City
Yevgeny Shepelev-founder of the school
International games, including the Euroleague stage, were held in Cheerleading at the Olympic facility "Adler Arena" in Sochi. BORKOVER roll mats were placed in the main arena.
Interview with Pavel Parygin from the international cheerleading games in Adler Arena, Sochi
International games in cheer Sports and Cheerleading, Sochi 2016
Pavel Parygin-BORKOVER product Director
Progress does not stand still, and our club is moving with the times! Purchased professional cheerleading coverage — the same as at the Russian Championship and Championship 2016. Carpet for cheerleading: - improves the grip of the athlete's foot and shoes with the surface - reduces the load on the musculoskeletal system - comfortable for physical education and sports - and just pleasant to the touch! We strive to provide the most comfortable conditions for becoming future Champions!
Screenshot from the club group in
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Victory, Tyumen City
The Russian cheer Sports and Cheerleading Union thanks BORKOVER for the development and production of roll mats for cheerleading.

Roll-mats connected to the built-in Velcro create a perfectly smooth surface, which allows athletes to achieve the highest results.

Roll-mats made by your company have passed a long trial period, have been used both in Russian and international competitions, and for the training process.
Russian cheer Sports and Cheerleading Union
President-A. N. Kokoulin