Cage without coating

The cage for MMA without a covering is installed in a sports hall where there is already a covering-a carpet for wrestling, a tatami, Budo-mats. If necessary, you can make a second door for through passage. The cage diameter is from 5 to 8 m.

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On-the-floor cage

Floor octagon, will create the most approximate conditions to a real fight of MMA fighters, during the training process. For commercial fitness clubs, purchasing an MMA cage will make the club more popular. The diameter of the octagon from 5 to 8 m.

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Cage on the platform

The octagon on the platform will become the central image sports object of your club.
The height of the platform is 0.3 m, 0.5 m and 1 m. The diameter of the octagon from 5 to 8 m.

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Аrena ММА

The MMA arena will allow you to hold fights of any level.
Easy and fast to install. The height of the platform is 1 m. Diameter from 5 to 8 m.

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Photo gallery of the MMA BORKOVER cage (in the photo, the cage is assembled for quality control before shipment, the coating is not stretched)

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