Imitation of a 1.25 m high MMA cage

Имитация клетки ММА высотой 1,25 м
Имитация клетки ММА высотой 1,25 м

7 200 rub.
Prepayment 100%. State order 30/70% (price + 5%) or postpay (price + 10%)
Production time: (10-15 раб. дн.)
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( г. Магнитогорск, Челябинская обл. )

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Production of fencing imitating an MMA cage to protect walls and batteries. Imitation of an MMA cage from a grid - it is also used for zoning of a sports hall. It looks spectacular. Height 1.25 m, length 2 m. the Price is for one running meter. Two types of mounting: - floor stop (where it is not possible to attach to the wall) - floor stop and wall mount (allows you to place a floor stop at a lower angle, which saves space and allows you to put the imitation close to the wall, the second mount is located at the top of the imitation fence and is attached to the wall)

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