Exclusive Fitness Club Moscow region, Borzye village

Manufacturing of the ring on the frame with the logo printing, black and red Budo mats.

Technical parameters of the equipment:
  1. Ring in the frame of 5x5 m, the combat zone of 4x4m, the color of the flooring is black, the corners against each other are black-red, two corners are white.
  2. Budo-mats are double-sided, two-color, black and red. The thickness is 2.5 cm. The size of the sheet is 1x1 m (1 m2). Attachment - dovetail. Density - 40 shore (200-220 kg / m3).
  3. Embossing - brand premium class braiding BORKOVER. Printing the logo to the flooring 2 x 2 m.


Customer Exclusive Fitness Club
Address Moscow region, Historical district, Borzye village, 704 Nevskaya St.
Website https://www.instagram.com/excl...
Product Boxing ring, budo mats