Spaso-Pologovskiy temple, Saint Petersburg

Roll mats were ordered to the Sunday school of the Spaso-Parlogovsky Church at the address Vyborg highway 104 a, Saint Petersburg, for training in judo of the Ratoborets club. It was necessary to have mobile coverage, because the gym is not only used for training in martial arts.

Fastening roll-mats Velcro made in Germany, Velcro has increased performance. The Velcro is recessed into the base, and the coating is very smooth, without steps and joints. The coating of the Judo roll mats-a fabric with an embossed "Rice straw "has a noble appearance, is excellent for martial arts, does not" burn " the skin, does not slip, and is well washed.

You can add tracks by splitting them. Or you can roll up a single carpet.


Customer Spaso-Pologovskiy temple
Address Saint Petersburg, 104-А Vyborg highway
Square 100 m2
Product Roll mats with the rice straws

  • Assembling the roll mats after training