ВРОСО "Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda", Aleksandrov

In the Aleksandrov city, wonderful people have created a public organization ВРОСО "Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda" for the development of sambo and judo.
BORKOVER manufactured two sets of 12x12 m sambo roll mats, two sets of 14x14 m judo tatami mats, two sets of wrestling mats for sambo according to the FIAS standard and wall protectors for the training hall.

On the roll-mats in the central ring with a diameter of 1 m, the BROSO logo "Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda" is printed.

Video from the competition


Customer ВРОСО "Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda"
Address Alexandrov, st. Koroleva, 2
Website https://vk.com/id446890174
Square 288 m2 (two carpets 12х12 m)
Product Roll mats for Sambo