Extreme center Yarbatut, Yaroslavl City

Extreme center "Yarbatut" in the city of Yaroslavl with an area of 4800 m2 is a multi - sports complex.
22 games, 21 sports trampolines (including 2 foam pits, 2 ramps), 2 trampoline and 1 acrobatic track, 2 double minitramps, 4 rhythmic gymnastics carpets, 2 gymnastic carpets, 4 choreographic training zones with mirrors, 12 supporting spars, slackline.
The ski simulator.
Air webs and rings.
The climbing wall is 9 meters, 8 lanes, 4 insurances.
Skate Park with a foam pit, parkour, bike trial.

Location of major regional competitions.

BORKOVER & ADEGMA company has produced roll mats with beige gymnastic pile for training in rhythmic gymnastics, gymnastics, cheerleading, acrobatics, as well as wrestling coverage with Velcro fastening.

Wrestling Mat with Velcro attachment is a simple and economical solution for a multi-sport complex, when there are already roll mats with pile, and you need to organize training in shock and martial arts. A wrestling Mat worth 60 thousand rubles is thrown over the roll-mats, which in this case is replaced by mats of the wrestling Mat, and the Velcro fastening makes it very easy and simple to pull the cover and fix it on the roll-mats.


Customer Extreme center Yarbatut, Yaroslavl City
Address Yaroslavskaya region, Yaroslavl City
Website https://vk.com/yar_batut
Product Roll mats with pile and wrestling cover with Velcro fastening