365 SPORT CLUB, Volgograd

Production of a three-color wrestling carpet, wall protectors on plywood, a ring on stops.

Technical parameters of the equipment:
  1. Wrestling carpet tree-colors, black, white, black, semi-matt fabric, mounting grommets, thickness of mats 4 cm, mats Expert PPE, density of mats 160 kg / m3, Mat size 2x1 m, mats included 16 PCs., carpet size 30.25 m2 (5.5x5.5 m).
  2. Wall protectors on plywood, size 1x2, thickness 5 cm, color black.
  3. Wall protector on plywood, thickness 5 cm, size 0, 84x2m, color black.
  4. Wall protector on plywood, size 0, 27x2m, thickness 5 cm, color black
  5. Ring on stops 5x5m, combat zone 4x4m, color black.


Customer 365 SPORT CLUB
Address Volgograd Blvd. 30 years of Victory, 21
Website https://www.instagram.com/spor...
Product Wrestling mat, ring, wall protectors