Kronshtadsky Palace of youth, Saint Petersburg

Kronstadt Palace of youth and sports club "Kobi Kai" turned to Borkover with a request to produce three-color cover for wrestling Mat with the size of size 10m x 10m, with mounting pockets and to deliver it to St. Petersburg. Children's and youth club of martial arts "Kobi-Kai" was founded in 1986. It is headed by Anatoly Ivanyuk-a master of martial arts, the third Dan, awarded by the city Government for the development of physical culture and sports in St. Petersburg. During the period of its activity, more than 5,000 people from the starters to professional athletes were engaged in the club. The club already has a PVV tatami, the covering of which has worn out. The decision was made to make only a covering and to lay on top, using tatami as mats for a wrestling Mat.


Customer Kronshtadsky Palace of youth, Saint Petersburg
Address Kronshtadt City, Sovetskaya str., 35, letter A
Square 100 m2
Product Wrestling mat