Victoria, Volgograd City

LLC Victoria in March, 2015 addressed to our company to order a three-color covering for a wrestling carpet with fastening of grommets. The company Manager Borkover offered the customer two types of PVC fabric, which differs in density: 630 - glossy and 650 – matte. This order was non-standard, as we had the task to produce a single three-color wrestling carpet, the size of 10x20 meters, with two working zones. In a fairly short time (14 days), a sports coating made of PVC fabric with a density of 630 g/m2 with a size of 10x20 meters was manufactured and delivered to Volgograd. The seams of the working areas were welded using the latest technology (without threads), using Swiss equipment "LEISTER", which creates a better operation. The customer was completely satisfied with the quality of the order and service, as evidenced by a letter of recommendation and a photo of the sports hall with a coating made by Borkover.


Customer LLC "Victoria"
Square Coverage for wrestling
Product Wrestling mat